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Parcours Dance

Parcours Passion Arts

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The Dance pathway provides students with the opportunity to develop their skills and aptitudes in dance and explore many different styles and techniques.

Learning about several artistic movements will stimulate students to create their own interpretation and creative projects, while opening their views of the world. These discoveries will be made in addition to varied awareness and didactic activities, such as cultural outings, meeting artists, specific physical training, technical classes and the development of a healthy lifestyle.

Different styles are taught:

  • Classical ballet;
  • Modern dance;
  • Ballet jazz;
  • Contemporary dance;
  • Hip hop;
  • Flamenco;
  • Etc.

Students will perform on stage during shows at the College and outside and participate in competitions and festivals.

This pathway provides a personalized academic and artistic follow-up and top-of-the-line training, all led by a team of dance graduates.

Additional Information


Students from Secondary 1 to 5 have six Dance periods per nine-day cycle.


The Parcours Drama is offered at $1,030 per year.