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Parcours Drama

Parcours Passion Arts

An active and interactive space

Our drama classes are held in a trusting and respectful environment, which allows the students to grow in a reassuring atmosphere where they can take risks and demonstrate initiative, creativity and autonomy.

They can become creators, express ideas, exchange perspectives, get involved in a project and persevere. Drama demands commitment from students on a psychomotor, emotional, social, cognitive and cultural level.

  • On a psychomotor level, students are put in situations in which they can explore the relationships between the body, the emotions and the mind.
  • On an emotional level, their potential as creators and performers is activated, so they can express their emotions or that of others.
  • On a social level, students experiment with the synergistic effect of cooperative work, in which each person’s contribution plays in the overall result.
  • On a cognitive level, different mental operations are sought after: observation, comprehension, analysis, synthesis. Those are applied to both scripts and everyday situations.
  • On a cultural level, the artistic practice builds a strong understanding of arts and culture.

The students will be exposed to a plethora of theatrical experiences that will give them the opportunity to express their ideas and views on the world, as well as be receptive to that of other students, but also authors, creators and performers. Through different cultural experiences the students of the Drama pathway will develop their skills and self-confidence.

Throughout their journey, they will participate in plays presented at school or other cultural spaces, exhibits (set design, costumes, live photography, scale models, etc.), public readings, conferences on theater, theater festivals, improvisation tournaments, and meet with professional artists and creators (authors, actors, set designers, lighting designers, etc.).

Additional Information


Students from Secondary 1 to 3 have three Drama periods per nine-day cycle.


The Parcours Passion Drama is offered at $670 per year.