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Parcours Arts

Parcours Passion Arts

Fine arts enthusiasts?

This pathway is the perfect option for those wishing to practice their artistic expression at school, as part of a team of students who share the same passion!

There is a long artistic tradition at Collège Bourget that we wish to keep building by supporting excellency in this field and promoting the presence of art within our walls. The Fine Arts pathway provides students with first-class teaching, a rich academic curriculum, as well as quality support and guidance.

Whether it is through painting, drawing, sculpture or collage, projects are renewed each year and cover techniques that are complementary to those taught in the college’s regular art classes. Moreover, students have the opportunity to learn from local artists who truly care about arts and culture, which helps expand and sustain their artistic development.

Our students’ works of art are exhibited at the college and in a few museums, but are also entered in local galleries and newspapers contests, and the Jardin Botanique de Montréal’s Great Pumpkin Ball. A grand opening exclusively for our artists is also planned in an art gallery of Vaudreuil-Soulanges.

Additional Information


Students from Secondary 1 to 3 have three Arts periods per nine-day cycle.


The Parcours Passion Arts is offered at $750 per year.