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A word from the President

The Collège Bourget Foundation

A respectable institution

In November 2010, we celebrated 10 years of existence of the Foundation and the 160th anniversary of our “old” Collège. In a country with a young history of 400 years, 160 years is something to celebrate! Think about the fact that our college existed long before the invention of the telephone or cars… Now you understand why we can talk about a “respectable institution”. An institution that we absolutely need to keep supporting if we want it to carry on for many years.

Here is a short assessment of our first years of existence. To this day, the Collège Bourget Foundation raised more than $4M in donations, gifts and legacies. This amount was in the most part invested on important projects, such as different types of laboratories, classroom modernization, computer system, scholarships, and of course, the notorious athletic complex officially inaugurated on October 13, 2010. This fundraising became a driving force: indeed, the college, supported by banks and the government, added over $9M to this amount. A grand total of $13M was therefore invested on the campus over these years.

The Foundation was first born from an idea discussed in the locker room of an old arena in 1999. Old-timers, namely Donald Quane, André Huneault and Jean Goupil, all agreed: “we need to do something to help the college!”

Since then, The Foundation has built upon donations from different parts of the extended Bourget family, like parents, alumni, staff members, suppliers and friends. Whether it is at the Bal de l’Avenir, hockey tournament or throughout the annual fundraising campaigns, many follow their heart … and open their wallet. Regardless of the donation, know that it is greatly appreciated. We would like to thank each and every one who have participated or participates in the Foundation’s efforts!

Even if Bourget stands on solid and ancient grounds that make it what it is today, our Foundation remains a precious asset. Our cause is venerable and represents a better today and promising tomorrow. In this early 21st century, our school’s needs are still manifold and pressing. I therefore invite you all to keep on demonstrating your generosity. This sense of belonging is to be honoured and promoted!

  • Marc Charlebois

    • Collège Bourget Foundation President