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The International Students section of this website is available in four languages: French, English, Spanish and Chinese. However, the rest of the site is only available in French and English.

Student life

International Sector

An enriching student life

Collège Bourget's student life aims to offer diverse activities to introduce children to different sports, discover a socio-cultural world, travel the globe and experience all kinds of adventures.

Athletic Activities

A wide range of activities to introduce students to different sports

Twice every cycle, students from Secondary 1 to 3 have access to different athletic activities. Students apply on a voluntary registration basis, in accordance with their interests. Five sessions are therefore offered throughout the year and include activities such as:

  • Free skating
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Flag football
  • Basketball
  • Ball hockey
  • Swimming
  • Water polo
  • Volleyball
  • Table tennis 
  • Etc.

Cultural activities

In addition to athletic activities, students of Secondary 1 to 3 also have access to different sociocultural activities, some of which can even lead to a certification. These activities work on a subscription basis, according to the students’ interests. Five sessions are therefore offered throughout the year and include activities such as:

  • DAFA (certification to become a camp counsellor)
  • Board games
  • Acting techniques
  • Sports umpire
  • Etc.


Many cultural trips are organized each year. Students from Secondary 1 to 5 are provided with travel opportunities fit to their level. Our school calendar facilitates such trips during the Easter break. Other expeditions are also planned at the end of the school year.

For the 2017–2018 school year, the students can travel to:

  • Quebec (February 2018)
  • California (April 2018)
  • England and Ireland (april 2018)
  • Greece (April 2018)
  • New-York (May 2018)
  • Greece (June 2018)
  • China (July 2018)

Nature Club

During weekends, group of students and educators are going out.

  • Hiking in Mont Gosford (September) 
  • NCAA Basketball &Football in Syracuse (November)
  • Skiing in Jay Peak (January)
  • Winter adventures: Skiing, sledding, snowshoeing, hockey, climbing, campfire (February)
  • Cyclo-camping - 140 km of bike in 2 days (May)
  • Two days of hiking and camping in New Hampshire (June)