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Helpful Information

Continuous admission

International admission is conducted continually throughout the year.

To facilitate these procedures, please follow these steps very carefully.

Step 1 - Information request

Once you have requested information, we will send you via email the following documents:

  • A description of Collège Bourget (general information);
  • The costs for an entire school year;
  • The necessary application forms (see below) and containing:
    • The student identification form;
    • Forms to be filled by the student and their parents;
    • A reference form for the current school being attended.

Please download and fill the application form that can be found at the end of this page.

You must also provide us with the following documents:

  • Birth certificate
  • A color photocopy of the student's, father's and mother's passports;
  • Last year’s last report card and the latest report card of the current year

You must then return the application form and all of the requested documents by fax at 450 451-4171, or by email at louise.leduc@collegebourget.qc.ca

Step 2 - Admission

Upon reception of the documents mentioned in step 1, the office will evaluate the student’s file.

If your child is accepted, you will receive the following documents by email:

  • The registration form;
  • The MELS (ministry of Education) form;
  • The Authorization for the publication of information;
  • The Medical files;
  • The Educational Services contract ;
  • The list for the optional Passion Courses and Excellence's sports;

At this point, a bank transfer of $1,300 CAD must be sent to cover the:

  • The Acceptance Certificate for studies
  • Administrative fees
  • Deposit (non-refundable if the student does not attend) - $1,000.

Payment of admission or annual fees

A bank transfer must be made to “Collège Bourget”

Here is the contact information necessary for the bank transfer:

National Bank of Canada

Name of the recipient: Collège Bourget
Address of the college: 65 St. Pierre Street, Rigaud, Quebec, Canada, J0P 1P0
Financial institution number: 04161
Account number: 00-366-27
IBAN number: 041610036627 or CC006041610036627

Address of the branch the college does business with:

National Bank of Canada
Rigaud Branch
535, de la Mairie
Rigaud, Quebec, Canada
J0P 1P0

Step 3- CAQ demand

Obtaining an Acceptance Certificate of Quebec

Upon reception of all documents (step 2), the college will take the necessary measures to make an Acceptance Certificate of Quebec (CAQ) request for your child. The documents to be completed or to be provided will be sent to you. All those documents must be signed in BLUE ink. And all of the ORIGINAL documents must be returned by registered mail.

It takes about a month before receiving the CAQ once the application is complete.

Here is the list of documents that will be requested:

  • ORIGINAL birth certificate (MANDATORY)
  • 2 recent passport size photos with the name of the child written on the back (35 mm x 45 mm);
  • Color photocopy of the passports of each of his parents and the child where their personal information and their (well-defined) photos appear. Passports must be valid;
  • Original of the "Declaration of Parental Authority", signed by both parents;
  • Original document "Declaration, commitment and authorizations" signed;
  • Document demonstrating the financial capacity of this application (for example: letter of employment mentioning the salary of the person, payslip, declaration of income, bank letter, ...

Step 4 - Study permit and visa

One we receive the Acceptance Certificate for studies, it will be sent to you via FEDEX, along with:

  • A letter of acceptation from Collège Bourget;
  • The custodian document.

To study in Canada, parents of minors must obtain a study permit (student visa) from the Canadian government. In order to get it, you must request it at the Canadian embassy closest to your location or country of residence. The embassy staff will provide all the necessary information to obtain this mandatory document.

The college can not demand this study permit to the Canadian Immigration on your behalf. We will nevertheless send you a procedure to help you in your steps.

You must obtain this visa before you enter the country. Be therefore mindful that this process can take several weeks. It sometimes takes up to 2 months.

Please consult the Canadian immigration websites for more information:



If you require an electronic travel authorization (eTA) or a visa, you can ask for it after receiving your study permit.

Health and hospitalization insurance

You must have health and hospitalization insurance for the duration of your study in Québec.

You can buy these insurance yourself, making sure it is international student insurance.

If you ask us, College Bourget can also take care of it. The cost of insurance is $ 500 for the school year.

To be consulted