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Three Rhythms of Learning


To each its own

Collège Bourget provides an education to children in each rhythms of learning.

Learning disabilities

Students with learning disabilities can count on the aid of Learning Support Groups in Secondary 1 and 2. These groups are formed of a reduced number of students and receive the daily support of Learning Assistance Teachers aware of the educational programs requirements and the students’ needs, and are eager to see them succeed.

Regular sector

The regular sector is meant for students who wish to surpass the MELS’ requirements, while still being able to take part in cultural and athletic activities. The program follows a steady pace of learning.

Enrichment sector

The students in the enrichment sector participate in many enhancement projects covering different subjects. The learning rhythm is faster, so other fields of interest can be explored. The enhancement projects include:

  • Creation of a fantasy bestiary (Secondary 1)
  • Module on the history of Mathematics (Secondary 2)
  • Elaboration of a novel (Secondary 2)
  • Project on fractals (Secondary 2)
  • Module on poetry and theatre (Secondary 3)
  • Cultural outings (Secondary 3)