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Installations & services


Services right on-site

Collège Bourget provides all the services to ensure its students’ well-being.


The college offers its own food service. Students can decide between two choices of hot meals and one cold meal. A salad bar is also put at their disposition. Our chef is committed to providing quality products and a varied menu. For the 1st cycle students, coupons are distributed at the beginning of each month so that each child can choose which days they wish to eat from the cafeteria menu. It is also possible, upon registration, to pick the half-pension option for the entire year.

Students can bring their own lunch at all times. Microwaves are available to them.

Health services

Students have access to health services directly at the college in case of health problems or accident. A nurse is available from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. In case of serious injury or disease, parents are contacted as soon as possible. A doctor is on-site for a day every two weeks for a youth clinic.