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Bourget College

New programs from grades 10 to 12

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An innovative and unprecedented offer of services, programs and pathways in English is now offered at Bourget College, from grades 10 to 12.    

Students attending Bourget College can enjoy an abundance of options to fill their academic curriculum. They have the opportunity to play a high-level sport like hockey, soccer or flag football. It is also possible to study in English at Bourget College without practicing these sports.

Bourget College develops values throughout the academic journey, as well as through a structured athletic environment, where our Student-Athletes are surrounded by professionals who have a great empathy for their respective pathways. We are building an alumnus that, in addition to having a strong education, has developed by integrating a cultural citizenship formed by essential values.

To learn more on our Grade 12 pre-university program, please consult this presentation

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