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Elite hockey at Bourget College

English program from grades 10 to 12

Bourget College became a Canadian Prep School of choice for future hockey Student-Athletes. We will achieve this by instilling an effective balance between three key pillars: education, passion, and everyday life.

10 year NHL veteran Matthew Lombardi is one of the Westlake founders working at Bourget College. He along with his professional staff are present daily to ensure optimal development and to give attention to each student-athlete.

Fifteen years ago Matthew was just starting his NHL career with the Calgary Flames. He was also starting his summer hockey schools, Westlake Hockey Development. His long term vision was to evolve this 1-week summer hockey school model into a year long program and to integrate it with a great academic curriculum. This model, to surround a select group of driven hockey players with some of the sports great developers, proved successful and thus leading into today’s Private Preparatory School at Bourget College. Set in the country-side of Montreal, Canada, Bourget College's Volts will combine the full spectrum of hockey development with a top-notch notorious institution, to prepare its Student Athletes for the balance and rigours that come beyond High School.


Hockey Quebec sanctioned program

We are an accredited Hockey Canada Sports School.


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