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About the Association

Alumni Association

Building a strong bond

The Alumni Associations’ membership consists of former Collège Bourget students.
Its goal is to facilitate the bonds between the alumni, current students and the college.

The objectives

  • Organize and/or promote different opportunities of meeting between the members: annual events, tournaments (golf, hockey), reunions, Mérite Bourget awards, etc.
  • Provide information on the college and its members.
  • Support activities with current students.

Suggested methods

Maintaining a permanent managerial structure:

  • Keeping the lists updated and provide them to whom it may concern;
  • Collect contributions, issue membership cards and receipts;
  • Taking calls and requests from members;
  • Participate in the organizing of events and activities;
  • Take part in the redaction and financing of the newspaper Bourget au quotidien;
  • Update the membership list;
  • Career & Employment Day, conferences, testimonies;
  • Golf and hockey tournaments;
  • Annual homecomin;
  • Dîner de l’Avenir;
  • Board of directors (from 5 to 7 reunions per year).