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Secondary Education Environment

Student Life

A stimulating environment

Collège Bourget fulfills its educational project by creating an enlightening milieu where dreams come true, along with self-development, knowledge and skills acquirement, in a respectful atmosphere. 

In our educational mission, we describe the college as an “environment designed for students’ growth”. We want to educate young people to succeed, but mostly to have a successful life. To achieve this, they have to explore their full potential, to develop strengths and skills that will help them overcome their weaknesses.

The services provided, the quality of the installations and the extracurricular activities, athletic or socio-cultural, give the opportunity to each student to grow and live their passions.

A team of supervisors, educators, organizers and counsellors are available for students at any levels, including elementary. Different activities are provided to both external students and those in our residence. Please note that our school residence service is solely offered to Secondary level students.

Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter are high points of the year. We also created our own holidays, such as Nature Day, Carnival Week, Olympic Day, etc. In addition to these special days, socio-cultural and athletic activities are offered every night, from Monday to Thursday, to promote kinship. An impressive number of inclusive and competitive sports are on the program and highly appreciated by our students.

These activities contribute to the sense of belonging and group spirit, and create an environment as close as possible to home life. In fact, many students see the college as their second home. It also fosters values related to our educational project, such as respect, mutual support and surpassing one’s self.

Extracurricular activities

Extracurricular activities take place from 4:15pm to 6pm Monday through Thursday. For the activity schedule, please refer to the link below. 

Extracurricular activities schedule