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Facilities & Services

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All the resources at your disposition

All of our students on the elementary and secondary levels have access to the human and material resources to contribute to their well-being and development.


One of the most popular spots at the college is the library. Thanks to the Collège Foundation, it was entirely renovated. Students come to read, organize team work or do some research.

The library also offers a wide range of activities, such as exhibitions or students events, and can become a place of planning for different academic projects. For elementary level children, the librarian offers story time periods to promote the beauty of literature to our children.

Our team takes on the challenge of getting our students interested in reading, acquiring knowledge, in short, to build cultivated individuals.

School Transportation

The college offers a service of bus transportation to our day students and our resident students.

Over thirty buses roll around the region to carry our children to school and back home. In addition to the regular 4 pm service, a second round of fewer buses leaves at 6 pm. It allows our athletes to practise their sport after school, and our students to take advantage of our homework support service without depending on their parents.


The College offers to all day students and residents meal services every morning, noon and evening. Day students can purchased hot meals for lunch or they can apply for half-pension. If they stay for extracurricular activities, they can also purchased dinner at the cafeteria as well.


A pastoral guidance service teaches the spiritual aspect and plans activities for all the highlights of the year (Saint-Viateur, Advent and Christmas, Lent and Easter). The animator works with groups of students to liven the environment.

Values of commitment, sharing, tolerance and respect are experienced through special projects, community service and thematic conferences linked to the college’s educational project.

Study groups are formed, humanitarian activities are planned and students have the opportunity to hold meetings to prepare for the sacrament of Confirmation.

Sports facilities

Collège Bourget is equipped with impressive facilities:

  • Three gymnasiums
  • A dance studio
  • A multi-purpose hall
  • A climbing wall
  • A swimming pool
  • An arena
  • Three large-surface outdoor fields, including one with a synthetic surface.
  • Two training rooms
  • An elementary school playground
  • One outdoor basketball court
  • Four outdoor volleyball courts
  • One dome: four indoor synthetic fields

Moreover, enrolled students have access to mountains’ trails and ski slopes at Mont Rigaud.

Digital technology

Each high school student has an Ipad. Teachers and counselors use this tool to create new didactic methods that can reach students and help them evolve towards developing new skills.

At the elementary level, students have access to a cart of Ipads. Educational apps are used in French and Mathematics. A programming (coding) program is in development.


With the support of the Collège Bourget Foundation, the institution established a musical training program that is now fully developed. Band and guitar practices are provided. Passion programs are also designed to improve other musical talents (i.e. stage band). Different private music classes are also offered as extracurricular activities to the interested students.