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Why choose Collège Bourget?

Discover the College

Going to Collège Bourget means

Choosing an institution where each student reaches their full potential

At Collège Bourget, every student, from kindergarten onward, grows through different spheres: arts, sports, community service and science. Our extended schedule and double transportation service allow us to provide a rich and diversified academic and athletic life.

College Bourget Decouvrir1
  • Over 1,600


    are part of the large Bourget family: preschool / elementary, secondary or international

  • 98%

    success rate

    on ministerial exams (June 2016)

  • 99%

    graduation rate

    Secondary education diploma

  • 500

    registered students

    in the Passion and High-Level Sports Programs

A personalized approach

An innovative and unprecedented offer of services, programs and pathways

Students at Collège Bourget can indeed enjoy a plethora of options to fill their academic curriculum, while practising a high-level sport or take part in an artistic program.

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Excellence for all

Outstanding academic guidance and support

To assist our team of professors, Collège Bourget can count on dynamic and diversified educators:

  • Academic life coordinators;
  • Special education teachers;
  • Psychoeducators.

They work on a dally basis on guiding our students to success. Within the class schedule, specific slots are dedicated to enhancement and recuperation to ensure the best results possible.

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A highly active athletic community

An historical and modern environment

In the heart of luxuriant nature

Located on a mountain side, the Collège Bourget campus is divided in different pavilions and sports platforms. This exceptional environment offers a safe haven encouraging an active lifestyle.

Photo Aerienne College Bourget  Version Coupee

An academic milieu

Where passions grow

Collège Bourget was for many years one of the largest school residences in Quebec. From that, a rich and overflowing extracurricular life emerged, which contributes to the strong sense of pride within us. Once our students graduate, they keep talking for a long time about the Bourget “family”.

College Bourget Decouvrir Passion

Implementing core values

such as respect, solidarity, surpassing one’s self and thoroughness

Faithful to the St. Viateur clergy’s tradition, Collège Bourget develops these values throughout the academic journey of its students. A Bourget alumni is someone who, in addition to having a strong education, has grown integrating a cultural citizenship formed of essential values.

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