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Student Support & Services


A rich and stimulating academic life

Our team of staff, teachers and professionals are highly committed and dynamic.

Its members take great interest in the students. Since 1850, our institution has evolved with the times and successfully took on challenges of adaptation and innovation. We provide high-quality teaching: we work towards the acquirement of knowledge by developing skills in relation to the areas of study taught to our students.

With the fast evolution of technology, we receive a phenomenal amount of information on a daily basis … or we at least have access to it! We have to manage that information, analyze it and use it in different contexts. Our era breeds the increase of knowledge through technological advances and our students cannot be left behind. Collège Bourget has therefore decided to let technology enter the classroom.

We are obviously aware of the risks that come with technology and the college puts time and efforts in teaching proper digital citizenship. Moreover, research on education has proven that a simple lecture is no longer efficient, we must innovate. The evidence from these researches leads to the use of original didactic approaches.

The MELS programs are followed and where we have found room for innovation, our team found a way to enhance them.

The basic principles

At Collège Bourget, students:

  • Must speak French to honour both our history and our founders’ language. French is rich, colourful and complex, and requires all the necessary attention. Our mindset in this regard is a didactic one: our interventions are constructive and are in no way coercive;
  • Use technology daily and work with an interactive agenda to which their professors are contributing and that parents can easily access;
  • Are taught an English program on par with their level (beginner, advanced level 1, advanced level 2);
  • Read more, in both English and French;
  • Attend a play in French and English every year;
  • Who are looking for an extra challenge can take Spanish and Chinese classes;
  • Have access to modern classrooms and top-of-the-line laboratories, accessible to every level’s students;
  • Participate in a guidance-oriented approach, which gives them a better understanding of themselves and their interests. The college has a micro business and a greenhouse supervised by a professional and dedicated team;
  • Follow a sexual education program at their own pace, in order to build strong and sensible men and women, respectful of who they are and their surroundings, and conscious of their peers’ differences;
  • Take part in a plethora of physical activities in numerous types of installations, including a semi-Olympic pool, an arena, an outdoor synthetic field, an indoor climbing wall, three gymnasiums, a weight room and other outdoor sports fields. Many high-level sports are offered to students through different passion programs.

21st-century education has its share of challenges that require the school and its staff to outdo themselves for the good and success of the students under their watch.

Student support

Many professors are responsible for monitoring a class, or a certain number of students, to facilitate their integration and ensure their success.

  • Periods of differentiated education are planned within the schedule in order to provide students with the opportunity to meet with their professors and receive the help needed.
  • Homework assistance (specific or general) is provided during certain lunch hours and at the end of the day.
  • A Peer Help Centre encourages the involvement of level 4 and 5 students to help their peers of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels.

Students and their success are our main focus.