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Mérite Bourget Awards

Alumni Association

Rewarding our alumni

The Alumni Association, in collaboration with the Collège, presents the Mérite Bourget award to an alumnus, alumna or staff member of the Collège who has distinguished himself or herself over the past months or years by promoting the values of the Collège Bourget.

The award recognizes an alumnus or alumna's social involvement, community commitment, success or importance to society, the world... and the Collège.

If you would like us to highlight the contribution of someone associated with the Collège for the betterment of the community, briefly describe the person's achievements and send your appreciation to the Director General of Collège Bourget at the following address:

65 Saint-Pierre Street

Rigaud (Quebec) J0P 1P0

Or by e-mail to: dg@collegebourget.qc.ca

2023 recipient

In 2023, Nadine Cassius de Linval, Class of 1987, was honoured with the Mérite Bourget award for her community contribution and involvement with the Collège.

Mrs. Cassius de Linval is a well-known businesswoman in the Valleyfield region. She is the 2nd generation owner of the family business, Volkswagen Valleyfield, as well as being involved in several regional organizations, including Droit Di Rêver, the adapted theater troupe Les Pas pour rire and the Conseil des Relations d'affaires des femmes du Suroit (CRAFS).

A proud Burgundian, Ms. Cassius de Linval has also been involved in her alma mater, sitting alternately or simultaneously on the boards of the Association des parents du Collège Bourget (APCB), the Fondation Collège Bourget and the Association des anciens et anciennes du Collège Bourget (AAACB).

2015 recipient

In 2015, Mrs. Ghislaine Desjardins accepted the Mérite Bourget award with great pride.

She has a long and beautiful commitment story with the education of local and international students. She began her career as a history professor at Joliette’s theological school, which led her to become Director of Education at Collège Bourget in August of 1994. After a successful career during which she supported the introduction of teaching methods adapted to 21st century needs, Mrs. Desjardins brought credibility to the UNESCO school project.

2014 recipients

In 2014, Mrs. Linda Lambert, librarian, and Mr. Richard Caplette, Fine Arts professor, both retired from Bourget, were awarded the Mérite Bourget award.

They have contributed to the development and outreach of the college on the hill. Most notably, they organized the archives that now allow us to learn more about our history, but we could also mention the sculptures for the 150th anniversary of Bourget, the sculpture symposium, the movie on the 160 years of the college, Mémoires de pierres, etc. Mrs. Lambert and Mr. Caplette are living life to the fullest and know how to build others up.

2011 recipient

In 2011, we proudly honoured Mrs. Janet Mallette for her contribution in the development of the Foundation and the Alumni Association. Moreover, Mrs. Mallette’s involvement as the president of Café la Débrouille, an organization helping those in needs in the Rigaud region, truly reflects Bourget’s values.

2010 recipient

In 2010, P. Gérald Veilleux, P.M.E. (class of 1968) demonstrated an important aspect of Bourget’s educational project through his continuous commitment to the development of the education and health care sectors in Peru.

2009 recipient

In 2009, Mérite Bourget was awarded to Mr. Daniel Chevrier, Material Resources Director, for his outstanding contribution in Bourget’s development and outreach. The Chevrier family has been at the service of Collège Bourget since 1859.

Mr. Jean-Marc St-Jacques, CSV, was also honoured for his 15th anniversary as Executive Director. His leadership, humanity and the role he played in each student and staff member’s development were celebrated.

2008 recipients

In 2008, Mrs. Céline De Bellefeuille, President of the Parents Association and dedicated volunteer, was awarded the Mérite Bourget for her involvement in the development of La Friperie, and many other social organizations. Also a recipient, Mr. Raymond Charest (class of 1964), former professor and dean, and volunteer at the Alumni Association, most notably with the college’s newspaper, golf and hockey tournaments, etc.

2007 recipient

In 2007, Mrs. Mireille Charpentier (class of 1943) was honoured for having founded the Pierre-Charpentier grant, which has been awarded since 1991 to a graduating student who excelled in every aspect of his education: community involvement, sports, academic results and home life presence.

2006 recipients

In 2006, Patrick Drolet (class of 1992) was awarded the Mérite Bourget for his young and fruitful career as an actor, including being chosen as best actor at the Locarno Festival, in Switzerland, for his role in the movie La Neuvaine.

Moreover, the entire primary level team was honoured as part of the 10-year celebrations of the opening of the department.

2005 recipients

In 2005, there was a particular significance to the event. Two worthy educators who were both committed to our youth were honoured. But through these two men, Bourget was recognizing the entire Viateurs community, who has been established at the residence for 155 years. The Mérite Bourget was awarded to P. Gérard Daoust, CSV (class of 1941) and P. Édouard Séguin, CSV (class of 1940).

2004 recipients

In 2004, two alumni were recognized: Speaker of the Quebec National Assembly, Mr. Michel Bissonnet (class of 1960) and Doctor Monique Rozon-Rivest (class of 1970), a dedicated woman in the Soulanges community, especially as President of the Vaudreuil Children Foundation.

2003 recipients

In 2003, the awards went to Mrs. Christiane Bergevin, engineer and president of SNC-Lavalin Capital, (class of 1979) and former executive director at Collège Bourget, P. Jean Chaussé, CSV (class of 1945). They both contributed in the advancement of young people and women in our society.

2002 recipients

In 2002, the Mérite Bourget was awarded to Mr. Donald Quane (class of 1968), president and founder of the Collège Bourget Foundation, and Father Louis Genest, CSV (class of 1946), Bourget educator for many years and founder of the Port-au-Saumon ecological centre.

2001 recipients

In April 2001, Judge Roger Lagarde (class of 1943) was honoured as a committed member of his community. Also recipients that night: host and comedian, Mr. Gildor Roy (class of 1976), and retired professor of the college, Mr. Gilles Sauvé, also co-founder of the hockey tournament.

2000 recipients

In June 2000, the Mérite Bourget recipients were Mrs. Heidi Rathien (class of 1983), who, among other things, wrote a book on the École Polytechnique de Montréal tragedy, and Mr. Pierre Boivin (class of 1969), president of the Montreal Canadiens hockey team.