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This page is only available in French and English. However, the International Students section of this site displays both Spanish (ES) and Chinese (ZH) versions. You can get to these sections in their respective language by clicking either one of the following links: ES or ZH.

Mission & Educational Project

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An environment designed for students’ growth

An educational project is built on values and describes principles to guide our daily actions.

At Collège Bourget, the educational project was discussed amongst all the staff close to the children. Classes and extracurricular activities all aim for the same goal: develop the students’ full potential to prepare them for a successful life.

The spiritual dimension

At the heart of our educational project are the Christian humanitarian values of justice, respect and sharing. Pastoral guides work at the College and provide the students with a space for reflexion and commitment where they can engage in their faith.

Importance of the French language

Since its inception, in 1850, Collège Bourget has focused on teaching quality French. Students are regularly required to write essays and have access to a literary program that goes well beyond the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur’s objectives.

Arts & Culture Awakening

It is important to develop the students’ creativity, and a strong general culture. Fine arts, music and dance classes, as well as the passion programs and many extracurricular activities, give the students a chance to develop their artistic talents.

Scientific mind development

Located on a mountain side, the College takes advantage of its exceptional situation through excursions in nature to observe the flora and fauna. These activities allow the students to both learn to appreciate nature and have an on-site experience. Students are also taught in state-of-the-art labs, in which they can rigorously apply the scientific method.

International vision

In addition to English and Spanish, Collège Bourget offers Mandarin classes on an optional basis. Students can also take part in cultural and cooperative trips in Canada or elsewhere in the world. To top it all off, we welcome international students who introduce us to different cultures, which encourages open-mindedness and sharing.

Physical education & health

“A healthy mind in a healthy body”: this motto has defined the College since its beginning and modern installations allow the practice of many different sports. Moreover, the emergence of high-level sports and the development of the Voltigeurs sports teams contribute to the athletic outreach of Bourget.