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The International Students section of this website is available in four languages: French, English, Spanish and Chinese. However, the rest of the site is only available in French and English.

International students



The College welcomes international students in a French teaching program from Secondary 1 to Secondary 5 (Grades 7 to 11) as well as in a English teaching program from Grades 10 to 12. Applications for admission for the 2021-2022 school year are now open.

Information request

If you would like to know more about the College's facilities or the costs for a complete school year, we invite you to consult the additional section below or to contact Louise Leduc by email at louise.leduc@collegebourget.qc.ca or by calling 514-953-3753.

Registration according to the requested program

For international students who wish to study in French or English in a secondary level, complete the online application by clicking on FORM.

You will need to upload the following documents:

  • A motivation letter from the student (Why you want to study at Collège Bourget, in Québec ?);
  • A copy of the most recent report card of the current year; 
  • A copy of the final report cards of the past two years;
  • A copy of the student's birth certificate and its translation into French or English made by a certified translator; 
  • A copy of the student and parent's passports; 
  • A photo (passport format);
  • An amount of $50 (non-refundable), payable through our international payment portal powered by Flywire, will be required upon completion of the application form.

Eventually, a Zoom meeting will be held with the student to assess his/her level of language.

Additional information

After acceptance and payments

A first payment of $1,600 is required and will cover the costs for the CAQ (Quebec Acceptance Certificate), the opening of the file and the registration. Collège Bourget accepts international payments through our international payment portal powered by Flywire. This portal allows you to save on bank fees and exchange rates and track your payment online from start to finish.

Forms and documents to be completed will be sent to you afterwards.

Obtaining an Acceptance Certificate of Quebec (CAQ)

Upon receipt of all documents (step #2), the college will take the necessary measures to make an Acceptance Certificate of Quebec (CAQ) request for your child. The documents to be completed or provided will be sent to you.

It takes about a month before receiving the CAQ once the application is complete.

Here is the list of documents that will be requested:

  • ORIGINAL birth certificate (MANDATORY);
  • Declaration of Parental Authority, signed by both parents;
  • Declaration, commitment and authorizations signed;
  • Document demonstrating the financial capacity of this application (for example: letter of employment mentioning the salary of the person, payslip, declaration of income, bank letter).

Study permit and visa

Once we receive the CAQ, it will be sent to you by email, along with:

  • A letter of acceptation from Collège Bourget;
  • The custodianship declaration.

To study in Canada, parents of minors must obtain a study permit (student visa) from the Canadian government. In order to get it, you must request it at the Canadian embassy closest to your location or country of residence. The embassy staff will provide all the necessary information to obtain this mandatory document.

The college can not demand this study permit to the Canadian Immigration on your behalf. We will nevertheless send you a procedure to help you in your steps.

You must obtain this visa before you enter the country. Be therefore mindful that this process can take several weeks. It sometimes takes up to 2 months.

Please consult the Canadian immigration websites for more information:


If you require an electronic travel authorization (eTA) or a visa, you can ask for it after receiving your study permit.

Health and hospitalization insurance

You must have health and hospitalization insurance for the duration of your study in Québec.
You can buy these insurance yourself, making sure it is international student insurance.

If you ask us, College Bourget can also take care of it. The cost of insurance is $600 for the school year.

Refund and cancellation policy

Once the student has registered, the notice of withdrawal must be done in writing and forwarded by email to the Registrar or to Louise Leduc at louise.leduc@collegebourget.qc.ca.

  • The $50 registration is non-refundable.
  • The $1600 administration fee is non-refundable even if the student does not arrive for the beginning of the school year or leaves during the year.
  • In the event that the study permit is refused, the reimbursement of $1000 of the registration fees will take place upon presentation of the refusal letter from the embassy.

If a student leaves school after September 1st, for whatever reason, including expulsion or because of COVID-19, parents are financially responsible for paying all expenses incurred at the time of departure, as well as tuition and service costs until the end of the full month in which the services were rendered. For students receiving financial assistance, it will be applied to the last month of the contract when calculating the amount of any applicable reimbursements.

If a student, due to the closure of the school in connection with COVID-19, has left the school but continues to take the courses remotely, the same conditions cited in the previous paragraph apply. In addition, in the event that the student has already paid for his or her school year, all unpaid services will then be reimbursed in proportion to the days spent at the school, excluding tuition fees.