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Board of Directors

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  • Mr. Stéphane Amyot

    • Collège Bourget Director of Finance, Human Resources and Materiel
  • Mr. André Babineau

    • Member of the College’s Parents Association
  • M. Philippe Bertrand

    • General Director of collège Bourget
    • Alumni
  • M. Stéphane Billette

    • Former Member of Parliament and Provincial Minister (2008-2018)
    • Alumni
  • Mr. Claude Boulais

    • Retired College Faculty Member
  • Mr. Michel Bourbonnais

    • Secretary of the Collège Bourget Alumni Association
    • Past President of the College’s Parents Association
    • Alumni
  • M. Daniel Chevrier

    • Retired director of the College
    • Current head of the College arena
  • Mme Véronique Cunche

    • Director - Recreational & Community Services - City of Rigaud
  • Mme Anita Fudalewski

    • Member of the College’s Parents Association
  • M. Jean-François Marcoux

    • Business Development Director
    • Alumni
  • Mr. Donald Quane

    • Businessman
    • Alumni
  • Mr. Jean-Marc St-Jacques, CSV

    • College Executive Director
    • Board of Director President