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About the Foundation

The Collège Bourget Foundation

The Collège Bourget Foundation aims to:

  • Promote Collège Bourget’s academic and recreational services to the students;
  • Promote the students’ material and financial support;
  • Defend and promote the students’ interests;
  • Provide services related to the college’s goals;
  • Receive donations, legacy and other similar contributions in cash, security or real estate and manage such donations, legacy and contributions;
  • Organize mobilizing campaigns to collect funds for the Foundation.

To achieve its objectives, the Foundation favours the following activities:

  • Articles in the newspaper Bourget au quotidien;
  • Planning the annual event Le Bal de l’Avenir;
  • Annual mailing to the alumni, parents, staff members and friends of the college;
  • Participating in different activities organized by Collège Bourget or the Alumni Association: tournaments, annual celebrations, etc.;
  • Sitting on the college’s board of directors.